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Taxi driver returns purse with $6,500 to Romanian tourist

A taxi driver returned US$6,500 (Bt215,000) to a Romanian tourist shortly after she dropper her purse in his taxi on Monday morning.

The FM 91 radio station organised a meeting between the taxi driver, Sunthorn Ankhian, 46, and the tourist, Chirila Gabriela, 58, at the station at 1.30pm.
The taxi driver spotted the purse on the floor in front of the passenger’s back seat at 10.50am and called the radio station to locate and alert the tourist.
Sunthorn said he picked up the tourist from Suvarnabhumi International Airport at 9.50am and delivered her to the Royal Princess Hotel at Sanam Luang.
Sunthorn said he spotted the purse after drove a distance away from the hotel.
“I was excited to find that high amount of money … I felt sorry for the tourist. She would definitely be in trouble if she didn’t get it back,” the taxi driver said.
The tourist said she cried once she realised that she had lost her purse.
She said she called her husband but he calmed her down by saying that the taxi driver would return it because Thais are good.
She gave Sunthorn some money as a reward.

Published : October 16, 2017

By : The Nation