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Uber launches service for elderly, disabled passengers

Uber Thailand has launched uberASSIST, its latest ridesharing service which the company said will enhance the day to day travel of elderly passengers and passengers with disabilities.

The service was launched in a partnership with Transportation For All (T4A), an organisation which provides disability equality training for Uber’s drivers so that they can better assist those with different access needs..
Siripa Jungsawat, general manager of Uber Thailand, said the new service showcases how innovative ideas benefit our society and provide passengers with greater choice and control in their day to day activities.
Saowalak Thongkuay, head of Disabled Peoples’ International Asia-Pacific Region and a member of the T4A network, T4A’s mission is to improve public transport for people with disabilities, elderly people and everyone who needs better access in order to enable them to live their lives to the fullest potential as part of society.
The service is now available in Bangkok. In the early stages of the launch, requesting an uberASSIST may take slightly longer than usual as the system searches for the nearest uberASSIST car. Fares will remain the same as requesting an uberX or uberFLASH vehicle.
UberASSIST is not an ambulance service.

Published : October 06, 2017

By : The Nation