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Agency to promote manufacture of electric tuk-tuk

The Energy Policy and Planning Office (EPPO) will encourage the manufacture of electric tuk-tuk for export, EPPO director Thawarat Sutabutr said.

Thawarat said there are currently seven manufacturers of tuk-tuk – motor-tricycles with a roof – that run on LPG.
Thawarat said Thai tuk-tuk vehicles have become popular among foreigners and they have been exported to three European nations – France, Sweden and Denmark.
As a result, the EPPO would hold talks with the seven manufacturers to make electric tuk-tuk for export, Thawarat added,
He said the main obstacle facing the project was the high cost of battery for electric vehicles, which sell for about Bt100,000 each and must be imported. To overcome this, the EPPO will support the opening of EV battery factories in Thailand.
He said if the electric tuk-tuk project became successful, the vehicles may be used for commercial services and for personal use in the country as well.
“It’s worthwhile because an electric tuk-tuk will require only electricity costing about Bt0.40 per kilometre, compared to Bt1.50 for LPG,” Thawarat said.

Published : October 05, 2017

By : The Nation