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Ex-Miss Teen Thailand’s boyfriend to fight drug trafficking charges

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The boyfriend of actress and former Miss Teen Thailand Amelia “Amy”Jacobs will defend himself by admitting drug abuse but disputing the allegation of trafficking, his lawyer said on Thursday.

Chaiwat Dejprathoom, Poonyawat Hirantecha’s lawyer, said his client would admit in court that he was a drug user.
Poonyawat and his girlfriend Amelia were arrested at a house in Sai Mai district at about 12.30am. Police seized 70 grams of crystal methamphetamine, or “ice”, 16 ecstasy pills and a scale.
Police said the couple had confessed that they had bought the 100 grams of drugs from a friend for Bt40,000 and then resold them for Bt800 per gram.
But the lawyer said on Thursday that police could present written testimony about his client’s alleged confession, but the defence would still retract the statement given during the interrogation.
Chaiwat was speaking to reporters after he visited his client at the Sai Mai police station at 10am on Thursday morning. He spent 30 minutes speaking to his client.
Chaiwat said he would not seek Poonywat’s release on bail because the amount of seized drugs was quite large and the court might not approve bail.
Chaiwait said Poonyawat would prove to the court that he did not own the scale and his cooperation had helped police to arrest other drug dealers, including Natcha Champaseng, 34.
“This information will be used as information for the defence,” Chaiwat said.
Chaiwat said he had yet to consult with Amelia’s lawyer.
Amelia’s parents visited her at the police station at 9am on Thursday and gave her foods and sweets. They spent just five minutes talking to their daughter and left the police station without speaking to reporters.
In the afternoon, Amelia was brought to the Min Buri Court as police sought permission to detain her and her boyfriend.
She wept constantly and continued to deny that she was a drug trafficker. 
“I am just a substance abuser, not a dealer,” she said.
Police, meanwhile, said they had solid evidence and would object to any bail request. 

Published : September 21, 2017

By : The Nation