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FRIDAY, December 02, 2022
Heavy rain delays, detours 9 landings at Phuket airport

Heavy rain delays, detours 9 landings at Phuket airport

FRIDAY, September 15, 2017

Eight flights to Phuket International Airport had delayed landings and another flight was detoured to Krabi airport after torrential morning rains caused poor visibility, said the airport.

Normal landings resumed at noon.
The delays started at 9.10am when Jet Star’s Flight 3K533, which was scheduled to land that time, had to circle the airport while awaiting improved visibility. It landed at 10.25am.
The delay caused a chain reaction of delays for seven other flights. As well, Thai Air Asia flight FD3037 of Thai Air Asia had to be diverted to Krabi International Airport.
Malaysia Airline’s Flight MH786 attempted to land at 9.45am but had to abort the landing and enter the queue for a new landing opportunity.
The other affected flights were Thai Air Asia’s Flight FD3038 (scheduled at 9.20am), Bangkok Airways’ Flight PG271 (scheduled to land at 9.30am), Silk Air’s Flight MI752 (scheduled to land at 9.35am), Tiger Air’s Flight TR154 (scheduled at 11am), Thai Air Asia’s Flight FD3091 (scheduled at 11.15am) and Thai Smile’s Flight WE171 (scheduled at 11.35am).