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Deadly bomb blast won’t affect reregulation plans, says Phetchabun governor 

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Phetchabun governor Pibul Hattakitkosol has insisted the fatal explosion at the entrance of tourist attraction Phu Tab Berk village on Sunday will not affect authorities' plan to re-regulate Phu Tab Berk and so far there had been no affect on tourism.

Pibul seemed reluctant to want to comment on whether the explosion might be linked to authorities’ attempt to dismantle illegally built resorts that encroached on forestland.
He said authorities will wait for the results of tests on the blast area before commenting further.
He said the National Security Agency should be the body to comment on the potential motive behind the attack. 
The governor said he had instructed authorities to be more careful. 
He said he had assigned the Lom Kao district chief to provide aid to the deceased victim's family as per state regulations. 
He said one of the two wounded Thai tourists had been released from hospital and had returned home while the other tourist was recovering at hospital and was in good spirits. 
The Sunday morning blast killed Suan Onta, 63, the driver of a tourist pickup truck, who had stopped to relieve himself behind a pavilion near the of Pu Hin Rongkla National Park entrance. He reportedly slipped and grabbed a pole where the explosive was hidden, triggering the explosion. 
The blast also damaged vehicles parked nearby.
In July, the National Council for Peace and Order ordered at least 26 resorts in Phu Tab Berk to be torn down as they had encroached on forestland. 
The order gives officials the authority to seize the land and return it to its original state. 
The resorts set to be demolition are the first targets of the operation. 
If resort owners refuse to comply, authorities will have the resort demolished and owners will be hit with the bill.
It is unclear whether the demolitions have finished.

Published : September 11, 2017

By : The Nation