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Primary care clinics significantly cut hospital wait times

Patient waiting time has been reduced from 184 to 47 minutes after the Khon Kaen Hospital launched its primary care clusters (PCC) programme.

The hospital began transferring outpatients, including those with chronic illnesses but without complications, to its PCC units in 2011. The hospital now has four PCC units. 
“Each unit can treat between 150 and 250 patients a day,” said the Public Health Ministry’s deputy permanent secretary and spokesman yesterday.
Dr Kiattibhoom Vongrachit said the hospital’s initiative had eased overcrowding throughout the main facility and allowed patients to receive medical care closer to home. 
“And instead of waiting for hours for services at the Khon Kaen Hospital, patients can now receive medical services from its PCC units in less than an hour,” said Kiattibhoom. “The waiting time has been reduced from 184 to just 47 minutes,” Kiatibhoom said.
The ratio of patients seeking services from the Khon Kaen Hospital and its PCC units was now 26:74.
PCC units have also dispatched medical teams to visit bedbound, terminally-ill, physically disabled and mentally ill patients at their homes on a regular basis.

Published : August 27, 2017

By : The Nation