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Nurse gets suspended jail term for faking robbery story

The Trang Provincial Court gave a suspended jail term to a nurse and imposed a fine of Bt15,000 after convicting her for falsifying a robbery story to win sympathy from her husband.

Pol Lt-Colonel Prasert Songsaeng, the deputy chief of Muang Trang Police Station, said on Wednesday that Kwansiri Jongkraijak, a nurse at Trang Hospital, pleaded guilty after she was charged in the court.
The court initially sentenced her to two years in jail and fined her Bt15,000 but the jail term was suspended on grounds that she pleaded guilty and she had no criminal record.
On July 10, she filed a complaint at the police station that she was robbed on the Trang Airport-Bang Mak Road in Muang district at 4.30pm by two young men.
She told police that the two men rode their motorcycle, cut in her front of her car and fell down, pretending to be hit by her vehicle. She said when she stopped to check if they needed any help, the two men head-locked her and pulled her to the back seat of her car, took her gold necklace and Bt7,000 in cash.
She said the men also cut her arm with a cutter, punched her stomach and hit her head twice with a helmet.
When she filed her complaint, Kwansiri had a cut on her arm and head injuries.
She later posted the story on her Facebook wall, drawing a lot of sympathy from people, which mounted pressure on police to speed up the arrest of the robbers.
But her post, that showed her arm with multiple shallow slashes, prompted some Facebook users to wonder whether they were self-inflicted.
Prasert said forensic officers took traces of fingerprints around the car and did not detect any third person’s fingerprints, apart from the nurse.
Prasert said police were confident that the nurse had made up the story to try to deceive someone and she injured herself to make her story more convincing.
Once police summoned her for interrogation, she admitted she had cooked up the story because she had a problem with her husband. She hoped to draw sympathy from him with the story.
She was charged in the court for violating Article 173 of the Criminal Code.

Published : August 23, 2017

By : The Nation