Mon, August 15, 2022


Northeast flood victims suffering ‘serious depression’

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Some flood victims in the northeast are suffering serious depression due to the long-standing nature of the problem.

Kalasin Provincial Public Health Office on Tuesday sent a medical team to distribute medicine and check people’s health in flood-affected districts Muang Kalasin, Kamalasai, Khong Chai, Yang Talatt and Rong Kham.
Six people were diagnosed to be suffering major depression as a result of flood-induced stress.
Many parts of Kalasin have been flooded for three weeks as a result of water being discharged from Lam Pao dam.
Dr Peera Arirat, head of Kalasin Provincial Public Health Office, said many people in flood-hit areas suffered from health issues such as conjunctivitis, fever or athlete's foot.
He said his office had provided doctors to treat every patient in flood-affected areas and they will keep monitoring people’s health until the situation returns to normal.

Published : August 15, 2017

By : The Nation