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From cinema to Facebook Live – clever, yet stupid

Petaling Jaya - In a rare show of ingenuity, a Malaysian showed his “mastery” of communications technology – and for all the wrong reasons.

He live streamed a movie from a cinema to his Facebook Live video and garnered more than 200,000 views before it was finally removed.
The movie was Kau Yang Satu (You’re the Only One), a film adaptation of a novel by Nia Azalea. It was directed by Osman Ali and jointly produced by Global Station, AstroShaw and Nuansa. The film was released on July 27 and stars Aaron Aziz, Izara Aishah, Hisyam Hamid and Soo Wincci.
Malaysian cinema operator Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) said the house rules were that no recording was allowed.
A GSC representative said that even though handphones are allowed in their cinemas, the rules state that recording and photography are prohibited.
“Our rules are displayed at the entrance of our cinemas,” he said.
The GSC representative said that during the movie, cinema stewards would patrol the cinema halls to monitor the audience.
“You might not see them, but they are there,” he said.
The representative said that streaming the movie on Facebook Live seems to be a new occurrence, with GSC usually finding people smuggling in video cameras.
“Anyone found recording will be asked to leave the hall,” he added.
Earlier this year, GSC faced a possible blacklist from anime distributor Odex Private Limited after footage of anime film Sword Art Online was filmed and uploaded online.
The movie’s director Osman said he was disappointed after finding out that the movie had been illegally shared on social media.
“Although the individual admitted his guilt after receiving our warnings, this will undoubtedly affect collections for the second week,” he told mStar, The Star’s Malay portal.
Osman said the person who uploaded the video on his Facebook page should face legal action.
“This kind of person needs to be made an example. This is still our film industry, and this is a problem.
“This issue is not new, but it now seems like they are daring enough to do it openly.
“I’m afraid that it will become a trend,” he said.

Published : August 09, 2017

By : The Star Asia News Network