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Three rangers injured in staggered Narathiwat ambush

Three rangers were injured when insurgents ambushed them with double bomb attacks and gunfire on Wednesday.

The three managed to survive by fleeing from the scene in their pickup truck and seeking help from local residents.
Police said the attack happened at 9.30am on the main road of Ban Rua Poh village in Narathiwat province’s Chanae district.

Three rangers injured in staggered Narathiwat ambush
Lieutenant Paibul Boonchuay, assistant commander of Ranger Company 4902 of the 49th Ranger Regiment, and two ranger volunteers, Natthawut Daengduag and Watcharin Thongkhao, were injured.
Paibul said he was travelling with the two others to attend a meeting regarding measures to help farmers when the ambush took place.
The insurgents detonated the first bomb with a walkie-talkie, but it rocked the armoured pickup only slightly so they kept on driving, Paibul said.
About 100 metres farther down the road, the second bomb exploded injuring all three, Paibul said. Insurgents then opened fire at them but did not penetrate the pickup’s armour. 
Paibul said he had told his driver to drive to a house about one kilometre away to seek help before going to Chana Hospital.

Published : August 09, 2017

By : The Nation