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Poor, visually impaired elderly man asks Army for new home

A 62-year-old man, who is almost blind and lives alone in an old house on the brink of collapse in Uttaradit province, has asked the Army to organise a new home for him.

Chuchin Aumpiam raised the request with Captain Adirek Jai-aree, chief of the psychological warfare unit of the 35th Army Circle in Uttaradit, when the officer visited him at his house in Moo 4 village in tambon Had Kruad, Muang district, on Tuesday morning.
Adirek found the man living alone in the wooden house, which has a 40-degree tilt. The roof and walls leak water and the structure can barely shield the man from rain and wind.
Chuchin told Adirek he has been living alone for over four years after his wife died. He said his son and daughter left and never visited him.
He said he became almost blind after cement dust got in his eyes when he worked in construction years ago. He wants an operation to restore his vision.
He receives a monthly disability pension of Bt800 plus an old age pension of Bt600 a month. He uses the money to buy rice and eggs.
Chuchin said he inherited the house from his mother. 
He said when it rains he has to cover himself with an old blanket. 
He wants a new house to spend his last days in it.
The Army captain said he will raise the issue with the commander of the 35th Army Circle so that the old man could get a new house.
Adirek gave the old man Bt6,500 – Bt1,500 of which was from his own pocket, while Bt2,000 was emergency money to help a person in need, Bt1,000 was for an elderly person in urgent need and Bt2,000 was from the Uttaradit Social Development and Human Security Office.

Published : August 08, 2017

By : The Nation