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Student, ex-inmate shot dead in Trang

A secondary school student and an ex-inmate were shot dead on a remote road in Trang late Friday night, police said.

Police were alerted at 11pm that two bodies were found with gunshot wounds on the victims’ head and face on the bypass road of Trang’s Mueang district. A motorcycle was found nearby.
Police rushed to the scene and fund two 11mm ammunition shells.
Police later identified one of the victims as Arjharn Promthong, 32, a resident of Trang’s Kantang district. Police said he had been recently released from jail after serving a term for theft. He was also wanted on an arrest warrant issued in Trang’s Mueang district.
Police said the other victim was a 16-year-old secondary school student whose family has recently filed a complaint that he was missing after visiting a friend’s home.
Police are trying to determine the motive for the double killing.

Published : August 05, 2017

By : The Nation