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Thai immigration officers on alert for fleeing scam suspects

Immigration police in Sa Kaew have beefed up monitoring for suspects trying to flee into Thailand after Cambodian authorities raided a 212-member “call-centre” scam in Poipet on Wednesday.

Pol Colonel Benjapol Rodsawad, the Sa Kaew immigration chief, said on Thursday that his office and Sa Kaew police and para-military officers were monitoring tourists, especially those of Chinese nationality coming from Poipet. They were also patrolling border lines to prevent fugitives entering the Kingdom. 
The increased surveillance came after Cambodian police raided two commercial buildings in the Poipet Market area on Wednesday afternoon and rounded up 212 Chinese suspects along with electronic devices and 100 cell phones. 

Thai immigration officers on alert for fleeing scam suspects
Chinese suspects who could not present proper documents for legal entry to Cambodia were charged with illegal entry and working without permission before being sent for further prosecution in Phnom Penh. 
As Cambodian police suspected more “call centre” suspects had fled the two buildings before the raid and might try to flee the country, they alerted the Thai police to watch out for and intercept fugitives, he said.

Published : August 03, 2017

By : The Nation