Tue, January 25, 2022


Police foil bomb ambush attempt in Narathiwat

Insurgents detonated a bomb hidden in a motorcycle in Narathiwat early Tuesday morning in a bid to stage an ambush using another time bomb, but the second device was defused.

The targeted area was an intersection on a bypass road in Sungai Kolok district.
Following the first explosion at 5.20am, Sungai Kolok district chief Preecha Nualnoi and Sungai Kolok police chief Colonel Prayuth Pongsanti arrived at the scene with troops and forensic and bomb disposal police officers.
They found the second time bomb hidden in the second motorcycle, which was left near the first exploded bike, and they used a water gun to detonate the device.
Police said the first time bomb used about five kilogrammes of explosives while the second one used about 20kgs.
Witnesses told police that they saw four men arrive on four motorcycles at the scene, where they left two motorcycles and left the area on the other two bikes.
The first bomb exploded about 10 minutes after they departed, witnesses said.

Published : August 01, 2017

By : The Nation