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Producers urge ban on importation of US chicken and pork

Thailand's private swine and chicken producers, who oppose the possibility of pork and chicken meat imports from the United States, have expressed concerns over food safety and the negative impact on Thailand's agricultural supply chain.

After handing a letter to Thai commerce minister, Surachai Sutthitham, the president of the Swine Raisers Association of Thailand, said: "Thailand should not be a target for US pork, and ractopamine use in US swine is against Thai laws. We asks the government to insist on the prohibition of imported pork with ractopamine for the safety of consumers and to protect the country's agricultural economic stability."
Prasert Anuchiracheeva, secretary-general of the Thai Broiler Processing Exporters Association, said: "US pressure on Thailand to import chicken meat from the US is a high risk for contamination of bird flu to Thailand which has been free of bird flu for more than 10 years."
Several countries, including the US, still have bird flu epidemics.
The association urged the Thai government to consider the issue urgently and "do not let the US to gain influence over Thai people's food safety and don't let US chicken hurt Thai farmers," Prasert said.
If Thailand allows imported chicken from the US, the world's largest meat chicken raiser with high advantage in term of animal feed, Thai farmers may suffer from a drop in chicken meat prices and other farmers who grow corn and other for animal feed may also be hurt, he said.

Published : July 14, 2017

By : The Nation