Sat, August 13, 2022


Lao ministry, Canada’s EXP partner in power sector development

LAOS’ MINISTRY of Energy and Mines and Canada’s EXP Services International Inc have reached an agreement on bilateral technical cooperation to study and develop the power sector in the Southeast Asian country.

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed in Vientiane by the Deputy Director General of the Planning and Cooperation Department under the Ministry of Energy and Mines, Khotamy Chanthamalinh, and |the Director of EXP Services International INC (EXP), Mathieu Pravongviengkham.
According to information from the ministry, the aims of the project include technical planning; studies on Laos’ energy system, including connection with neighbouring countries; studies on systems to adopt other alternative sources of energy to add into domestic energy systems, and technical assistance and training for Lao personnel.
The project is expected to upgrade the standard and modernisation of the electricity system in Laos.
Mathieu said that EXP has 60 years of energy experience and employs more than 3,600 highly qualified people. The company now wants to transfer its experience and knowledge to the energy sector in Laos.
Speaking at signing ceremony, he said that from a technical point of view and needs, he was doing research and personal development to learn the needs of Laos for its development in energy.
He needed to know how he and the company could transfer know-how, practical experience and international skills learnt in Canada, the USA and other places.
By researching and developing energy in Asean, particularly in Laos, he understood that Laos needs skilled and knowledgeable professionals to carry out a major energy project. This is an area that Laos must do for its development with competent experts.
Mathieu said “Being a Laotian and an expert in the field with the company EXP including our international experts, I sincerely believe that we will be able to do everything to help Laos acquire all the necessary skills by steps such as we are doing with EDL, EDL-GEN and others in Laos now.”
He and EXP, together with their partners, were ready to take up the important challenges to help Lao professionals acquire a high level of skill like other utilities in the world because all of these were within easy reach by Laos.
With the signing of the MOU, he said that he and EXP would do everything for the success of long-term collaboration and for the prosperity of Laos in energy step by step.
In the future Lao experts would be able to carry out their projects alone, he added.

Published : August 02, 2018