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MONDAY, October 03, 2022
THAI temporarily cancels flights to Europe after Pakistan closes airspace

THAI temporarily cancels flights to Europe after Pakistan closes airspace

WEDNESDAY, February 27, 2019
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Thai Airways International on Wednesday announced the cancellation of all flights to and from Pakistan and Europe after Pakistan closed its airspace amid rising tensions with India.

The flights cancelled on Wednesday night were TG341 and TG342 on the Bangkok-Karachi-Bangkok route, the TG345 and TG 346 Bangkok-Lahore-Bangkok flights and TG349 and TG350 Bangkok-Islamabad-Bangkok flights.
THAI also cancelled fights to Europe that fly over Pakistan airspace, namely Bangkok-London (TG916), Bangkok-Moscow (TG974) and Bangkok-Phuket-Frankfurt (TG926).

THAI temporarily cancels flights to Europe after Pakistan closes airspace

All flights have now returned to Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport. 
Due to safety concerns, the airline has also cancelled all 11 flights from Bangkok to Europe for passengers checking in on Wednesday night and early Thursday morning. The cancelled flights are: Bangkok-Frankfurt, Bangkok –London, Bangkok –Munich, Bangkok- Paris, Bangkok – Brussels, Bangkok- Milan, Bangkok-Vienna, Bangkok-Stockholm, Bangkok-Zurich, Bangkok-Copenhagen and Bangkok-Oslo.
Inbound flights from the above European cities, including Rome, were also cancelled for Wednesday. 
THAI said it was closely monitoring the situation and plans to re-route its flights. 

Passengers can call THAI at +662 356 1111 24 hours or visit for updates on the flight schedule.

THAI passengers who hold tickets on routes affected by flight cancellation may change their itinerary. Fees and charges will be exempted, and conditions apply.
THAI operates flights to three destinations in Pakistan:  one flight per day to Karachi and Lahore and four flights per week to Islamabad on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

[Update] Affected flights from Bangkok to Europe and from Europe to Bangkok are:  

On 27 February 2019:

- Flight TG920 from Bangkok-Frankfurt

On 28 February 2019:

- Flight TG910 from Bangkok-London

- Flight TG924 from Bangkok-Munich

- Flight TG930 from Bangkok-Paris

- Flight TG934 from Bangkok-Brussels

- Flight TG940 from Bangkok-Milan

- Flight TG936 fromBangkok-Vienna

- Flight TG960 from Bangkok-Stockholm

- Flight TG970 from Bangkok-Zurich

- Flight TG950 from Bangkok-Copenhagen

- Flight TG954 from Bangkok-Oslo

The following flights from destinations in Europe to Bangkok on 27 February 2019 have been cancelled:

- Flight TG911 from London-Bangkok

 Flight TG921 from Frankfurt-Bangkok

- Flight TG931 from Paris-Bangkok

- Flight TG941 from Milan-Bangkok

- Flight TG945 from Rome-Bangkok

- Flight TG971 from Zurich-Bangkok

- Flight TG951 from Copenhagen-Bangkok

- Flight TG961 from Stockholm-Bangkok

- Flight TG955 from Oslo-Bangkok

- Flight TG925 from Munich-Bangkok