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Technology eases the business traveller 

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RESEARCH by, the global leader in connecting business travellers, has revealed that 97 per cent of global travellers believe technology has made it easier to book travel and for 18 per cent of business travellers, free Wi-Fi is their number one must-have while on the road. for Business has compiled a list of the top 5 essential tech offerings transforming the way professionals travel - from booking tools to integrated expense management solutions, travel stress relievers and AI-infused high-tech hotels.
 The first is mobile-enabled business travel: Like leisure travellers, business travellers are increasingly reliant on mobile technology to facilitate and guide their trips, relying on smart phones to alert them to traffic conditions and potential flight disruptions to booking taxis and locating key services like cash points with the swipe of a finger. Having instant access to information and the ability to make changes on the go streamlines travel, alleviates unnecessary stress, and most importantly, saves time when it's most precious.
 The next is portable gadgets for every need: Travelling light is crucial on a business trip, where you may be restricted to hand luggage. 
Here are the top 3 portable must-have gadgets when you're on the go: a high-capacity portable battery pack, so you're never stranded with a dead battery, a lightweight GPS tracker to ease worries of lost luggage for those times when you do need to check a bag, and portable Wi-Fi router to create your own secure wireless connection and stay connected at all times. 
 High-Tech Accommodation is the third reason: Increasingly, accommodation providers are innovating to embed the latest technology into all aspects of your stay. Check out The Yotel in New York City for example, where upon entry you'll be assisted by its onsite luggage-storing robot, YOBOT.
 Managing Business Travel Receipts and Expenses: Tracking your business travel expenses can be tiresome and inaccurate. But with apps like Expensify, all you have to do is create a report, and use your phone's camera to scan your receipts – then sit back and let the app do the rest of the work. Once your trip is complete, you can email the full report with expense breakdowns to your finance manager. 
Advanced budget control tools from for Business also mean that you can keep a close eye on spending at any time to easily ensure that you are not exceeding corporate budgets.
 Wind Down and De-Stress with Tech is the fifth reason: Down time is crucial on a hectic business trip to help you be at your most productive, and nail that pitch or meeting.

Published : September 05, 2017