Fri, May 20, 2022


New framework allows easier cross-border investment advice

The Asean Capital Markets Forum (ACMF) has launched two key initiatives to drive a more connected and sustainable Asean capital market.

The initiatives, agreed during a meeting in Singapore, complement the measures introduced by the ACMF on collective investment schemes, corporate governance, disclosure standards and capacity building.
The ACMF launched a framework to facilitate cross-border movement of investment advisers, which will allow Asean investors greater access to professional services. The first phase of the ACMF Professional Mobility Framework is the introduction of the “ACMF Pass” which will allow licensed professionals to provide advisory services within participating Asean jurisdictions, with fast-track registration and no additional licensing requirements.
Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand are the first countries to participate in this initiative, to be followed by other countries eventually. The four regulators have signed a Memorandum of Understanding at the 2nd Asean Capital Market Conference, an ACMF initiative hosted by the Monetary Authority of Singapore in collaboration with the Asian Development Bank (ADB).
The ACMF also launched the Asean Social Bond Standards (Asean SBS) and the Asean Sustainability Bond Standards (Asean SUS). The introduction of the Asean SBS and Asean SUS follows from the Asean Green Bond Standards launched in November 2017. The Asean region now has a complete suite of standards to accelerate the development of sustainable finance in the region.

Published : October 11, 2018

By : The Nation