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Thailand ranks high in SE Asia e-commerce

Thailand’s mobile traffic is the second-highest in Southeast Asia, research by iPrice shows, collating data from more 1,000 eCommerce players in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and Vietnam.

The rise of mobile e-commerce in the region appears unstoppable, iPrice said this week. 
In the past 12 months, mobile traffic has increased by an average of 19 per cent, which now accounts for 72 per cent of the overall eCommerce Web traffic. 
Thailand has the second-largest mobile traffic after Indonesia, accounting for 67 per cent in Q3 2016 and 79 per cent in Q2 2017. 
Mobile e-commerce traffic accounts for more than 70 per cent of overall Web traffic, while desktop traffic is less than 30 per cent. 
Thailand’s “conversion rate” is also the lowest in Southeast Asia. Conversion rate is the percentage of website visits that turn into a product purchase. 
The research reveals that Vietnam has the highest conversion rate in the region, 30 per cent higher than the average. Thailand and the Philippines are at the bottom of the list, with conversion rates 20 per cent lower than the average. 
The research also ranks Thai shoppers’ “basket size” fourth among the six countries. Basket size is a measurement of the average total amount spent for every order made by customer over a defined period of time. 
The research shows a high correlation between basket size and GDP per capita.

Published : February 21, 2018

By : The Nation