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THEO10 launches skincare product

THEO10 Thailand has launched its 100-per cent organic skincare product THELO10. The product from Singapore can offer protection against insect bites, reduce muscle pain or itchy symptom. It is suitable for pregnant woman and babies. 
The THELO10 is certified by the Health Science Authority in Singapore in 2013, ISO 9001 and Thai FDA in 2005. It is now available at Safe & Safe Pharmacy.

‘Dentyne Waves’ joins gum market 
Mondelez International (Thailand) Company Limited has unveiled the new “Dentyne Waves” gum: Enjoy Wave after Wave of Fruit Flavours! This innovation from Dentyne provides a first-of-its-kind gum chewing experience. Its gum bursts into your mouth in three multi-fruit waves of unique and refreshing juicy fruit flavours! The breakthrough aims to reinforce the brand’s leading status in Thailand’s gum market, re-energise consumer spending in chewing gum, and increase sales by 10 per cent within two years.
 As of February 2019, Thailand’s gum market was valued at Bt2 billion, with Mondelez Thailand in the leadership position with a 60.5 per cent market share while Dentyne claimed the number one spot with a market share of 52.2 per cent in the total gum market, followed by another Mondelez brand, Clorets, with 8.1 per cent market share.
Thailand’s gum market comprises regular gum with a 75 per cent market share, and sugar-free gum taking the remaining 25 per cent share.

Published : April 01, 2019

By : The Nation