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Amway Thailand ranked fifth in international sales

AMWAY THAILAND yesterday unveiled a solid performance in 2018, highlighting sales of Bt19 billion.

The company said it is set for continued growth by combining its product solution strategy with investments in digital platforms to enrich consumer experiences across all touchpoints, ready to make new market progression with health and beauty products that flatter the active lifestyles of young consumers.
Kittawat Ritteerawee, managing director of Amway (Thailand) Ltd, said: “Amway Thailand posted total sales of Bt19 billion in 2018, an increase of 4 per cent year on year for four years running, with more than 70 per cent of the figures contributed by health and beauty products. A key growth driver was the strategy to provide product solutions, including BodyKey by Nutrilite as our flagship weight management programme that continues to bring growth to Amway.”
He said last year also witnessed the launch of new products targeted at younger consumers who lead active lifestyles, such as energy drink “XS Zero” and colour cosmetics “Artistry Studio NYC Edition”.
“Combined with integration of digital experiences into our business operations and communications on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube across all our product groups, Amway Thailand is closely connected with modern-day consumers and their social media lifestyles,” Kittawat said.
“Globally, Amway sales grew to US$8.8 billion (Bt275 billion) last year, thanks to significant investments in digital tools and broad-based growth across Amway’s top markets, most evidently the e-commerce success in China, Amway’s largest market and a leader in digital innovations for Amway business,” he said, adding, “Thailand continued to be Amway’s key growth market, having delivered the fifth best sales performance last year, after only China, Korea, the US and Japan.”
“To drive continued growth well into the future, Amway’s capabilities will be accelerated,” Kittawat pointed out. “As we look to 2019 and beyond, Amway’s investments will increase in digital and product innovations to connect products with digital experiences and add more personalised offerings, as well as data and analytics support to provide Amway business owners with more insight into growing their businesses sustainably,” said Kittawat.
Amway recently announced Milind Pant as its new chief executive officer, effective from the start of this year. Both Steve Van Andel and Doug DeVos have transitioned to Amway’s board of directors as co-chairs and remain engaged and highly visible in Amway that continues to be family-owned and family-led. 
Pant brings a wealth of experiences and business visions from a variety of executive roles he has taken in the past, including leaderships in global business models, branding, and business advancements through digital and e-commerce strategies in various countries and regions in which Amway is the market leader, the company said. 
The company added it was confident that Pant’s strong track record and enthusiasm will help drive Amway’s forward with solid growth.

Published : February 18, 2019