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NEC opens new Thai plant to supply in-car products

Japanese firm NEC Platforms Ltd on Friday announced the opening of a new plant for its production-related affiliate, NEC Platforms Thai Co Ltd.




The new three-storey facility was constructed on a site adjacent to the company’s existing plant and has a total floor area of 29,305 square metre, making it 30 per cent larger than the existing plant, the company said in a Friday press release.
NEC Platforms Thai mainly produces network products, such as PBX and key telephones, in addition to video device products such as projectors.
However, in anticipation of an increase in demand for advanced in-car devices associated with the evolution of automobiles and the advancement of connected technologies, the company is reinforcing its production organisation for the electronic control unit (ECU), digital tachograph and other in-car products. Moreover, the company is placing greater focus on the production of high value-added products that are globally competitive.
Furthermore, NEC Platforms Thai will extend the concept by introducing measures to improve productivity and quality by making use of factory IoT and AI that enable the visualisation of abnormalities and the optimisation of work procedures and resources at the production site, said Takemi Hosaka, representative director and president, NEC Platforms.

Published : January 12, 2018

By : The Nation