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FedEx outlines its strategy to help small businesses expand their global reach

FedEX Express (FedEx) is committed to helping Thai SMEs and entrepreneurs in their bid to “go global”, Gina Galvin, the new managing director of FedEx Express Thailand, has said.

The company has focused on small businesses and making it easier for them to grow, added Galvin, who was appointed to her present post in Thailand in November last year.
She said that in Thailand, small businesses (SMEs) play an important role in the economy. Thailand has an estimated three million SMEs, and Galvin said there were growing opportunities for them to participate in crossborder trade as a result of ecommerce.
The digital economy is bringing significant opportunities to Thai businesses as a result of advancement in technology, government policy to support digital society and more online financial payment systems, she said.
“FedEx is committed to helping Thai SMEs and entrepreneurs in their bid to go global,” she said.
“Many Thai SMEs may not be familiar with all the requirements in managing logistics internationally. Our goal is to let business owners concentrate on growing their business while we focus on making it easy and convenient for them to access our global network, customer support and timesaving digital tools.
“We offer automation tools such as FedEx Quick Form, an online tool that allows customers to generate a shipping label in just a few clicks, and FedEx Global Returns, which simplifies the docฌumentation for the returns process,” she added. The company has also helped facilitate the import industry. Galvin said that imports to Thailand are an increasing opportunity for FedEx, because the country has a large production industry and a growing consumer market. In 2016, Thai SMEs represented about 35 per cent of total imports.
FedEx also sees a growing demand for the transport of a range of healthcare shipments, including highly sophisticated clinical trial logistics, highvalue pharmaceuticals and bioฌlogical products, medical devices and temperaturesensitive shipments.
The increase in demand is driven by longer life expectancy, global population growth and the rise of the middle class.
Galvin added that FedEx is well positioned to support Thailand’s efforts to be the medical hub of Asia as part of the government’s policy to drive the country forward.
She said that FedEx is focused on supporting customers in Thailand by connecting them to new markets globally. As the world’s largest express transportation company, its global network in the air and on the road enables it to provide customers with the flexibility to select a shipping option to match their needs.
“We continue to optimise our network to meet the changing requirements of our customers. For example, customers sending an urgent shipment can choose our FedEx international priority service, while customers sending shipments that are less urgent can choose the FedEx international economy service, which offers greater savings,” she added.

Published : January 07, 2018

By : Sirivish Toomgum The Nation