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Grab app now spots unsafe drivers

Ride-hailing service Grab on Tuesday incorporated telematics into its mobile application to automatically spot drivers behaving unsafely, such as speeding, swerving and hard braking and accelerating.

The feature uses predictive data analytics to identify unsafe behaviour and “educate” drivers about ways to improve through weekly telematics updates.
The launch across Southeast Asia follows a successful trial in Singapore, where it was rolled out in June. 
Grab said in a press release that the feature has helped reduce driver speeding by 15 per cent, instances of hard braking by 11 per cent and instances of sudden hard acceleration by 18 per cent.
The Grab app also now has a 191 button for passengers in Thailand to call police in the event of an emergency. The company plans to further develop this feature as “a smart, comprehensive and efficient emergency button”.
“Safety remains at the heart of our business,” said Yee Wee Tang, country head for Thailand. “We want all our passengers and drivers to ride with peace of mind, whenever and wherever. 
“The launch of telematics and the 191 button underlines our leadership in the ride-hailing industry and shows how much we care for our passengers and driving-partners.”
The new features add to an existing suite of safety measures. 
• Drivers must undergo a comprehensive safety check, training and face-to-face verification of their application details before being allowed to join the service. 
• Passengers can use the app to share their ride details, estimated time and real-time location with loved ones. 
• Grab is the first ride-hailing platform that provides insurance. Every Grab ride is covered by free personal accident insurance.

Published : July 25, 2017

By : The Nation