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TUESDAY, November 29, 2022
Cryptocurrency ‘winter’ will last two years but now is time to invest, say experts

Cryptocurrency ‘winter’ will last two years but now is time to invest, say experts

MONDAY, October 03, 2022

Two digital asset experts forecast that cryptocurrencies’ winter of discontent will last for another two years – but investors should prepare now for the crypto “spring”.

The advice came during a press conference to launch XSpring Digital, a digital-asset trading platform run by XSpring Capital (XPG).

The crypto winter will end in two years when the world economy resumes steady growth and normal inflation levels, predicted Kittitad Benjacharoenpat and Sanjay Popli.

Sanjay, the CEO of Cryptomind Advisory, explained that digital assets are still developing amid rising demand and case-use experiences. He forecast that in five years, the majority of Thais would have at least one e-wallet .

Kittitad, content creator for the "I Learn A Lot" page, noted that the cryptocurrency cycle over the past few years shows steep peaks and falls in value. The asset tends to face two or three years of bear market conditions before rising.

Cryptocurrency ‘winter’ will last two years but now is time to invest, say experts Although the market is in a bearish state, now is a great time to invest in cryptocurrencies before their value rises, Kittitad said. It's also a good time for market participants to create and grow their ecosystem to prepare for the arrival of the bull market, he added.

Sanjay suggested that people should consider long-term cryptocurrency investment while closely monitoring the economic situation and continuing to educate themselves about digital assets.

"They can anticipate returns in three to four years," Sanjay said. "Expecting to make money right away is unrealistic. Do your research to find cryptocurrencies with strong fundamentals, and don't forget to diversify your holdings."

Varangkana Artkarasatapon, president of XSpring Capital, said XSpring Digital will connect investment opportunities in financial markets to investments in digital asset markets, which are becoming more popular among all generations.

She added that XSpring Digital is part of the group’s ecosystem of financial services aimed at providing investors with a “Gateway to Greater Wealth”.

XPG is equipped with four digital asset licences from the Finance Ministry: Cryptocurrency Broker, Broker of Digital Tokens, Cryptocurrency Dealer, and Digital Token Dealer.

Cryptocurrency ‘winter’ will last two years but now is time to invest, say experts Tanasak Krishnasreni, deputy CEO of XSpring Digital, said XD was in a strong position due to its capital strength as a subsidiary of XPG, as well as experienced management team and financial market staff. The platform uses blockchain technology for security and convenience. 

It has also been approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to operate as a digital token offering system provider (ICO Portal) specialising in asset tokenisation and digital token offering.

XD also boasts a strong research team providing analysis of the current digital asset market to aid investors’ decisions.

The platform has gained consistently positive feedback from users during the soft launch, XD said.

Cryptocurrency ‘winter’ will last two years but now is time to invest, say experts The company currently trades 23 cryptocurrencies and offers a digital token subscription platform on the primary market.

Tanasak expects XD to rank among the top three players in the digital asset market within three years, thanks to its user-friendly system, skilled and knowledgeable management team, and secure blockchain system.