Thu, August 11, 2022


‘Tasto’ officially launches new packaging, using "V-Violette" and "Off-Jumpol" as presenters to reach the new generation

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(PR News) Bangkok, June 30, 2022 – Berli Jucker Public Company Limited or BJC introduced 'Tasto' potato chips with unique flavors and new packaging with top-hit "Salt & Sour" for customers, especially the new generation presented by V- Violette and Off-Jumpol.

Dr Tul Wongsuphasawat, President of Consumer Products Business of Berli Jucker Public Company Limited or BJC revealed that “Tasto officially launched new packaging by inviting "V- Violette" and "Off-Jumpol" to introduce these 2 popular top-selling flavors of "Tasto Salt and Sour Flavour" and “Tasto Potato Chips Crab Curry Flavour” to convey the image of the brand Tasto. At the same time, we also released new advertisement on June 23, 2022. Tasto is also conducting promotional activities that include give-away free tasting and continuous online activities throughout the year."

This year, Tasto is emphasizing the innovation through 3 main strategies: 'Exciting Packaging', to draw more attention, and to please the taste of customers. Potato chips snack is a product that has received a high response from consumers of all ages, especially among teenagers.

Tasto in its new packaging are available in all 8 flavors at convenience stores and department stores nationwide, consisting of 4 sizes: 5 baht, 20 baht, 30 baht, and 49 baht. Please follow the latest news from Tasto via Facebook Tasto Club or

Published : June 30, 2022