Tue, August 16, 2022


SBP joins hands with world-class IT partner, Alcatel, to grow its business and become leading complete data management service provider

SBP Digital Service Co., Ltd., (SBP), which is a data management and technology service provider under the Boon Rawd Supply Chain Company Limited, partners with Alcatel-Lucent Thailand (Alcatel), leading communications and network equipment provider from France, to elevate its management services by bringing in world-class network equipment to provide complete services for both medium-sized clients to large-sized clients to become the leader in full data management service in Thailand.

Mr Piti Bhirom Bhakdi, CEO of Boon Rawd Supply Chain Co., Ltd., reveals that there is a massive need for IT solutions providers as businesses are transforming digitally rapidly. The cloud service enables clients to access their system anywhere and anytime, depending on their business size, along with data integration for emerging services for the future, enterprise software, and resource management system software for the company. Every solution is key to identifying business directions. It will increase efficiency and development while reducing duplicated work processes by managing internal resources using data from different departments and making a complete IT system to help solve business needs. Furthermore, excellent data management and storage will increase business capabilities, allowing a more seamless and sustainable transformation to the digital age.

Boon Rawd has been a true champion of using technology and IT solutions as a constant driver of its businesses. SBP Digital Service Co., Ltd., or SBP, is a data management and technology service provider which supports the companies under Boon Rawd, such as the core business like food and beverage or real estate business in Singha Estate. The groundwork in information, human resource management, and data analysis software has helped its companies make the most efficient decisions.

This strategic coalition will bring out the best of these two companies to propel their offerings and allow consumers to manage their data efficiently. SBP Digital Service Co., Ltd., or SBP, will bring expertise and experience in IT solutions service provider, including computer software like infrastructure systems, storage, resource management, data analysis, and management, to help drive the client's business forward.

While Alcatel-Lucent, who is the leading communications and network equipment provider with over 100 years of experience and secure network safety, will provide hardware systems for SBP, which aims to become the most complete IT solutions provider in Thailand.

This partnership will allow SBP Digital Service Co., Ltd., to develop complete data management services with world-class software and hardware suited for digital transformations. Integrating data storage and management services will unlock new potential for clients to make the most out of their data in terms of analysis and communication to their customers faster and more efficiently.

The precise data management system will elevate and create better standards and practices within the organization. System management, information analysis for business strategy consulting, business development through technology, information safety, and system setups with network equipment are one of the complete services that SBP can provide to clients. The company is ready to support data management in every business sector, from the government to the private sector of all sizes, from SMEs to leading organizations.

Published : June 28, 2022