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TUESDAY, September 27, 2022
“anitech” invests 20 million baht to expand customer group  

“anitech” invests 20 million baht to expand customer group  

TUESDAY, June 21, 2022

World-renowned brand collaboration “anitech x PEANUTS launches the cutest Snoopy Collection”.Entering the teenage market, connecting every generation of everyone in the family

“Anitech”, the market leader in consumer electronics and personal care products, has invested 20 million baht in marketing budget to promote Character Marketing strategy through the new campaign, namely “anitech x PEANUTS launches the cutest Snoopy Collection”.

“anitech” invests 20 million baht to expand customer group  

This is the first collaboration between the brand Anitech and the immortal characters of the PEANUTS gang, aiming to expand the target audience among teenagers to cover all segments in all products of Anitech and move forward to create a new New S-Curve for the company.

Mr. Thomas-Pitchyen Hongpakdee, founder and CEO of Smart ID Group, has mentioned about the launch of the campaign "anitech x PEANUTS launches the cutest Snoopy Collection" that “Anitech has a desire to fulfill everyone's happiness after going through a difficult period of Covid-19, where it was evident during the crisis that COVID was the catalyst of ‘Digital Transformation’ quickly and widely.

As a result, more people have switched to the online world like never before. Anitech would like to pass on happiness to everyone in the family with a marketing budget of more than 20 million baht through a collaboration between the brand Anitech and the immortal cartoons that are known around the world for over 70 years like Snoopy and friends PEANUTS. This collaboration is a further elevation of the Anitech brand as it is the first and only electronics brand that holds PEANUTS licenses in Thailand, conveying warmth through important cartoon characters like Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and Woodstock come to life with Anitech products while creating an exciting, fun, and more product experience,” 

“Throughout the past, the company has focused on both design as well as quality and product warranty according to the vision of the organization that we will be an organization that contributes to improving people's quality of life, and lasts longer than a hundred years. We intend and focus on making products a part of helping to connect every generation of family members. Every product under the Anitech brand is a product that meets all genders and ages, from related products with electronic devices such as power sockets, keyboards, mice, household appliances, etc., to Lab+ Series Health & Hygiene products under the Anitech brand.This cooperation with PEANUTS will help expand the customer base wider and deeper by focusing on the new generation group that has a passion for bright and cute products. Not only PEANUTS fans, but Snoopy is also loved by people of all ages around the world. This makes the users of the product have the mood with cuteness and make a purchase decision in a short time with a tangible price. The goal of this campaign is that we want anitech x PEANUTS products to be in the hearts of everyone according to the brand's slogan: “Bring Happiness to Life”.

“anitech” invests 20 million baht to expand customer group  

It is expected that sales throughout the campaign are not less than 40 million baht, helping to expand and support new business units or the Company's New S-Curve in another way. After the company has been in business for 15 years, from the first year that there was only one product, until now the total sales of every product is more than 10 million pieces and recently, the company has joined the investment and development of the Aniverse Metaverse platform to enhance the education industry in Thailand through the virtual world in the first quarter of this year.


We have also expanded the company's software division by developing software for both the public and private sectors, including its own anitech IoT apps. At present, we have dozens of software developers to move forward to become a fully integrated tech company. This is in line with the company's roadmap that plans to become a leading company in Thailand in the future that can develop both hardware and software, added Mr. Thomas-Pitchyen.

“anitech” invests 20 million baht to expand customer group  

The anitech x PEANUTS collection is divided into 3 main groups: Computer Accessories, Home Devices and Home Applilances, reflecting the completeness of both cute and worthwhile, which consists of power plug models SNP-H3434, SNP-H233, SNP-H9022; 2.4G wireless mouse and wired mouse, which are light and comfortable; the mouse pad provides a smooth touch surface, comes with non-slip rubber; wireless keyboard and mouse set model SNP-PA807 available in both white and black; multi-purpose electric pan model SNP-SMC1009; multi-purpose boiler model SNP-SMK60 and electric kettle model SNP-SK109.

“anitech” invests 20 million baht to expand customer group  

All of this comes with a special design package with a cute Snoopy pattern, ready for everyone to fall in love with the cuteness with a special collection today through online and offline channels in leading department stores and supermarkets across the country, as well as the official store of Anitech. For more information, please contact Smart ID Group Company Limited, call 02-920-6262 or,