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Bitkub, Fandom announce "FANDOM Application" entertainment platform with “Fun to Earn” features

Bitkub Blockchain Technology, Bitkub Chain Developer and Blockchain Total Solution Provider together with Fandom Application on June 7 announced "FANDOM Application" as a platform to connect artist and fanclub via “Fun to Earn” features.

This cooperation aims to minimize the gap between artists and fanclubs. As the number of the fans gradually increase, the artists usually have difficulty in accessing the large number of fans which are widely spread across several applications and platforms.

As a result, FANDOM application is officially announced under the cooperation between Bitkub Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. and Fandom Application Co., Ltd. FANDOM application is the entertainment platform to connect the artists and fans together. By differentiating the application features, the users can earn the digital tokens via “Fun to Earn” model. Indeed, FANDOM application will connect almost every entertainment such as music, artists, sports and influencers with their fans along with providing new users experience. FANDOM application will be tentatively launched within August 2022 with several interesting features including

  1.  Allowing artists and fans to communicate with each other easily
  2.  Interesting activities and campaigns from artists and fans
  3.  Follow up news and exclusive updates from the artists
  4.  More channels to earn NFT tokens
  5.  The fans can support genuine copyright from the artists
  6.  Several artists NFT collections
  7.  Fun to Earn features on the application

Furthermore, FANDOM application is different from general applications; almost every Thai’s NFT marketplace emphasizes on buying and selling, making them lack the interconnects between artist and fans.

Bitkub, Fandom announce "FANDOM Application" entertainment platform with “Fun to Earn” features


“NFT feature is an opportunity for artists to perform and demonstrate their own appearance throughout the fans over the world. By implementing NFT features, it will allow every artists to create their own and unique digital arts. In the same way, the fans can also truely own NFTs from their favourite artists by using blockchain technology,” said Sirasom Borisutsuwan, CEO and founder of FANDOM Application.

“Bitkub Chain has the most transaction in Thailand. Also, by comparing to other chains in the world, Bitkub Chain ranked as 12th chain that has the most transaction. As a result, under this cooperation, it will allow creators and their fans to create digital arts with a transparent and secure. Thus, FANDOM Application will enhance efficiency on Bitkub Chain ecosystem,” said Passakorn Pannok, CEO of Bitkub Blockchain Technology.

Bitkub, Fandom announce "FANDOM Application" entertainment platform with “Fun to Earn” features

In the final part of the annoucement, FANDOM application already prepared the special privilege for digital content on the application and allow creators and artists register for the special activities. (Limited registration and the conditions are as specified by the company). Also, anyone who are interested for registration will be awarded 100 Fandom Stars for claiming digital content on the website Refer this to your friends and get 25 Fandom Stars per person.

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Published : June 08, 2022