Sun, August 14, 2022


Metaverse Thailand is now live on Bitkub Chain!

Prepare to buy using KUB Coin with the new features “Land Office” on Bitkub Metaverse soon

Bangkok, May 13 - Bitkub Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd, a blockchain leading company, in cooperation with Metaverse Thailand, a leading visual world development platform company, announced the new roadmap to connect Metaverse Thailand with Bitkub Chain and enhance the land area’s expansion in the future.

Under this press announcement, Metaverse Thailand have already moved the infrastructure on Bitkub Chain and allowed the users to trade the land using KUB Coin. This has demonstrated the owners’ rights of the land along with business expansion on visual world. Moreover, the users can also swap META Coin with KUB Coin.

In addition, with the new plan announcement, Metaverse Thailand also invest in Bitkub Metaverse land to build “Land Office” and allow the users to trade the land using KUB, MVP and KUSDT along with announced the new features such as staking and mortgaging. Moreover, the new set of land will be sold under Asoke and Prompong areas for 33 KUSDT, 3 KUB or 333 MVP per 1 HEX, which will be opened for sale on May 30 from noon to 8pm.

Metaverse Thailand is now live on Bitkub Chain!

Passkorn Pannok, CEO of Bitkub Blockchain Technology said “With the new plan announcement, we will expand the current users on Metaverse Thailand on Bitkub Chain. Also, the Land Office on Metaverse Thailand will be opened for sale and allowed the users to trade on Bitkub Metaverse using KUB, MVP and KUSD coins."

Pongsakorn Udombua, from Metaverse Thailand, said “Under this new roadmap, the new zone (Prompong area) will be added up with 80,000 HEXAGON, which we have followed our community’s suggestion for this new update. We have already reduced the unnecessary area including street, canal and garden in order to enhance the platform’s potential for everyone.”

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Published : May 17, 2022