Sun, August 14, 2022


Thailand exports record-breaking 1,000 tonnes of rice to Chongqing via E-san Gateway

Thailand on Thursday achieved "historic" success in exporting 1,000 tonnes of Thai rice to western China’s Chongqing municipality for the first time via the E-san Gateway, the newest railway linking the Laos-China rail system.

Alongkorn Ponlaboot, an adviser to the Agriculture and Cooperatives Ministry, said the rail-transport achievement will expand trade opportunities and generate revenue to farmers, businesses and the country.

He said the achievement came about after cooperation between the Agriculture and Cooperatives Ministry, the Commerce and Foreign Affairs ministries and the agricultural and private sectors.

“We would like to thank Laos and China for their cooperation despite difficulties amid the Covid-19 crisis,” Alongkorn said.

“We will evaluate our rice exports, freight and container booking systems and aim for the same achievement in exporting more agricultural products to other Chinese provinces and other countries as soon as possible.”

Alongkorn Ponlaboot

Alongkorn said it took about two years for the E-san Gateway to officially open on December 3 last year.

He also said the ministry would use the gateway to penetrate markets in Central Asia, East Asia, the Middle East, Russia and Europe with a variety of products such as rubber, fruits, orchids, cassava, oil palm, fishery and livestock.

Alongkorn went on to explain that Chongqing is a hub for transportation as it is located near the New Silk Road and the Yangtze River. The Chinese government has also implemented a policy to link the municipality with Asean countries.

“Apart from being rail and aviation hubs, Chongqing has its Guoyuan Port on the Yangtze and its Shuangfu International Agricultural Trade City for product distribution.”

Alongkorn said Thailand had the largest fruit market share in China last year with an export value of more than 100 billion baht.

He added that Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister Chalermchai Sreeon had ordered related agencies to pay attention to prevention of Covid-19 contamination in products as this would affect exports.

Published : January 20, 2022