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THAI’s sale of 10 aircraft awaits final Transport Ministry nod

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Thai Airways International (THAI) announced on Monday that it has sold 10 Boeing B747 aircraft and is now putting three Airbus A330-300 airplanes and an Airbus A330 flight simulator up for sale.

The airline said the sale is waiting to be finalised by the Transport Ministry

However, Transport Minister Saksiam Chidchob, as chairman of the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT), said CAAT has yet to receive an approval request for the sale of the aircraft. He said CAAT requires airlines to seek permission from the Civil Aviation Board (CAB) before the ownership of aircraft registered in Thailand is changed.

THAI has so far sold 34 aircraft, namely:

  • One A300-600
  • Two B737-400
  • Three A340-500
  • Six A340-600
  • 10 B747-400
  • Six B777-200
  • Six B777-300

Published : September 21, 2021