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WEDNESDAY, October 05, 2022
Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 enhanced by Dow solutions

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 enhanced by Dow solutions

FRIDAY, August 13, 2021

That is why Dow is passionate about contributing materials science expertise and proactive strategies that drive sustainable decision-making and helping to power a positive and lasting legacy

As the Official Carbon Partner of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Dow has brought a world-class portfolio of advanced, sustainable and leading-edge products that enable Dow to deliver solutions designed to improve the Olympic experience for host territories, athletes and fans everywhere - on the field of play and in day-to-day lives. Behind the scenes of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, Dow’s innovations and expertise are a vital part of efforts to enhance the performance, safety and sustainability of the Olympic Games and the Olympic Movement, in line with the IOC Sustainability Strategy and Olympic Agenda 2020.

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 enhanced by Dow solutions

Global sporting events such as the Olympic Games have a significant carbon footprint from permanent and temporary infrastructure construction, operations, and the travel of athletes, spectators and media to the Games. It is the responsibility of the Organizing Committee to measure the emission sources under their authority, reduce them as much as possible and devise a strategy to balance the unavoidable emissions through climate benefits generated somewhere else so that the net carbon impact of the event is neutral. This represents both a move toward zero carbon and an effort to make the Games carbon neutral.

That is why Dow is passionate about contributing materials science expertise and proactive strategies that drive sustainable decision-making and helping to power a positive and lasting legacy. For the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, that legacy includes uniting the old with the new, proving that leveraging the latest technologies enables enhanced performance and sustainability. The Tokyo 2020 cityscape features new construction and also Tokyo 1964 venues that are retrofitted with advanced building technologies to help bring the 50+ year-old facilities to the cutting-edge.

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 enhanced by Dow solutions

Dow’s technologies are working behind the scenes of many of these venues - new and existing - to help insulate, seal, connect, coat, protect and deliver sustainability gains long after the closing ceremonies. More than half of the 43 Olympic venues are existing facilities, resulting in an estimated savings of 80,000 tons of CO2 equivalent emissions. Among the existing buildings, nine of those that are retrofitted deployed various Dow technologies to help elevate the performance and aesthetic of facades, building envelopes and electrical systems. Some of the Dow solutions implemented include, but are not limited to

● DOWANOL™ Glycol Ethers used in the water-based coatings system helps reduce damage from moisture, cracking and popping to keep the venue looking fresh while meeting low-VOC requirements.

● ELASTENE™ Elastomeric Wall Coatings help shield the exterior walls by providing excellent dirt and water resistance

● Dow’s PRIMAL™ Acrylic Polymer works to protect the interior walls, providing long-term durability and excellent adhesion.

● Dow AXELERON™ Compounds are used as an insulation layer in telecommunication wires to aid in ensuring the stadium’s transmission speeds and signals are as efficient and reliable as possible, reducing the risk of signal loss. AXELERON™ Compounds, and in some cases along with ENGAGE™ Polyolefin Elastomers, are also used as insulation layers for 45 kilometers of low and medium-voltage cables to help provide reliable power throughout the venue.

● DOWSIL™ SE 797 Silicone Sealant is leveraged in the canopy/connecting corridor that links the International Broadcast Center with the Main Press Center, giving the glass façade a sleek look without metal frames. The silicone sealant has excellent adhesion and weather protection, and also helps absorb and relieve movement between the structure’s elements to prevent cracks that could result from Tokyo’s hot summer temperatures.

● Dow’s VORACOR™ Polyurethanes System is leveraged within surfboards due to its shape variety, and lightweight, low density yet high strength profile, in addition to the fact that it’s easy to mold and extremely durable.

● VERSIFY™ Elastomer Technology is selected by Toppan Printing to create a new polyolefin (PO)-based fabric for temporary banners. All plastic parts are comprised only of polyolefins for a purpose of recyclability. Once the events have concluded, Dow and Toppan intend to collect banners and signage that are made with its polyolefin-based materials and upcycle them into different products. Collected banners or signage will be re-palletized as a renewable resin, blended with timber from wood waste to produce wood-plastic composite materials for benches, floors and more.

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 enhanced by Dow solutions

The Olympic Games venues represent the proud heritage of Japan, the legacy of the Olympic Games Tokyo 1964 and the bright future of Tokyo’s urban development. Although the Olympics Games, still to be called Tokyo 2020, have been postponed to July 2021, the focus on constructing an unparalleled Olympic experience for both fans and athletes continues. Featuring a total of 43 venues – including 8 new permanent structures, 25 existing venues and 10 temporary sites – retrofit venues at Tokyo 2020 honor their history and are reimagined to serve the city and its residents for the next decade and beyond.

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 enhanced by Dow solutions

Nicoletta Piccolrovazzi, Global Technology & Sustainability Director with Dow Olympic & Sports Solutions, said, “Our carbon partnership with the IOC is an example of one such transformative collaboration, where the platform of sport and the power of science unite to catalyze the adoption of state-of-the-art technologies for a positive climate legacy. We’ve come to recognize the Olympic Games as one of our largest and most powerful ‘trade shows’ which helps guide the way we interact with customers. It is largely an opportunity for customers to experience and witness first-hand Dow solutions that are showcased at the Games, whether they are in venue infrastructure or athlete equipment and apparel.”

Dow has a longstanding history in the world of sports. It was at the 1980 Olympic Games that Dow first started supplying to Games venues. In the 40 years since, the partnership has evolved and grown from strength to strength. In 2010, Dow became the Official Chemistry Company of the Olympic Games and a part of The Olympic Partners (TOP) program, and in 2017, following two successful carbon partnerships with the Sochi and Rio Organizing Committees, the IOC named Dow its Official Carbon Partner.

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