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FRIDAY, September 30, 2022
Enjoy K-culture while staying at home

Enjoy K-culture while staying at home

MONDAY, August 09, 2021

KCC Thailand provide ‘Online K-pop Academy’ and Korean puppet performance ‘Dallae’s Story’

The Korean Cultural Center in Thailand (KCC Thailand) provide the free online K-pop classes and Korean puppet performance in August, while many people need to spend their spare time during staying at home by the lockdown. There will be limitation for the number of participators as 1,000 people, due to the online meeting system. If you would like to learn K-pop singing or dancing by the famous expert in Korea, please be hurry up for the registration.

Enjoy K-culture while staying at home

1. Online K-Pop Academy

KCC’s ‘K-Pop Academy’ invited the professional K-pop trainer every year, and given free lessons to students in Thailand. However, due to pandemic, the class operation has been stopped from 2020. From this year, KCC launches ‘Online K-pop Academy’, which famous vocal/dance trainers in K-pop industry can teach Thai students by the online system. Ms. Park, Jun Hee, who choreographed for popular K-pop idols such as GFRIEND, IZ*ONE, Weki Meki, and appeared as a dance trainer in famous TV show ‘Idol School’, ‘UHSN’ by Mnet Korea, will teach the real K-pop dance. As a vocal teacher, Mr. Kevin Yoon who currently work as a vocal trainer in YG Entertainment, join to this online class. For K-pop fans, it is a rare chance to get lessons from big names in Korea.

Enjoy K-culture while staying at home

Pre-registration will be from 3rd to 12nd August at posting from KCC Thailand’s Facebook page(, and class period will be from 16th August to 2nd September (Dance), 17th August to 3rd September (Vocal).

Enjoy K-culture while staying at home

2. Korean puppet performance ‘Dallae’s Story’

KCC Thailand also provide the free online nonverbal puppet performance ‘Dallae’s Story’, sponsored by Seoul Art Center(SAC), a big arts complex in Korea. The story would be about an ingenuous child named Dallae and her ordinary family whose lives are interrupted by Korean War (1950–1953). The piece does not directly discuss the war itself, but rather portrays the efforts of a family to overcome the hardships of wartime in a fairy tale-like fantasy along with Korean traditional music, glamorous sets, and a uniquely vivid combination of human performers and puppets for an exciting performance that appeals to both children and their parents. Look forward to a topical piece that graphically conveys the magnificence and importance of love between human individuals and family members. The performance will be opened by KCC Thailand’s Facebook page ( on 20th August at 7PM.