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Sontirat shares big energy visions for Thailand in international forum

At a teleconferenced International Energy Agency (IEA) forum on Friday (July 10), Energy Minister Sontirat Sontijirawong said Thailand had the potential to become a regional leader in the production of electric energy.

The minister was co-chairing the meeting on the subject of transitioning to clean energy.

In his speech on Thailand’s policy and vision for dependable and sustainable power, Sontirat said since taking over as minister, he focused on the “energy for all policy” until it was sustainably implemented in both the private and public sectors. Now, he said, he is following up with a “re-energising Thailand” policy, which will focus on accelerating infrastructure investment and stimulating the economy through different projects.

One of the important projects under this policy is community-based power plants, which will not only generate energy from clean sources, but also strengthen grassroots economy by generating income, reducing expenditure and developing new sources of fuel.

The Energy Ministry has become an important force in alleviating the effects of Covid-19 by issuing financial measures and regulations to ease the burden on small and medium-sized businesses as well as pushing through the transition to clean energy, such as driving forward the 50-megawatt solar project.

Sontirat wrapped up his speech by thanking IEA for making recommendations for promoting the use of clean energy in the region.

Published : July 10, 2020

By : The Nation