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FRIDAY, September 30, 2022
 Amway launches highest ever bonus plan for sellers

Amway launches highest ever bonus plan for sellers

WEDNESDAY, August 07, 2019
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Amway is entering the second half of the year by offering the highest performance bonus plan for Amway Business Owners (ABOs) ever in its history.

Under the CORE PLUS+ plan, ABOs can gain success more quickly, over and above their core income plan. The new programme will work in conjunction with new investments and is expected to drive Amway Thailand’s sales to Bt30 million by 2025. 
“For 60 years, Amway has brought opportunities to and supported the success of people across the world through an exemplary business model that is realistic, contemporary and proven for fair compensation and possibility to be a stable source of income, which has resulted in Amway being consistently ranked as the world’s top direct-selling company. Amway has also adapted to the rapidly changing global marketplace to ensure that it is always up-to-date, competitive and equipped with the ability to meet the lifestyle needs of people who prefer entrepreneurship that offers true income-generation potential and quick, long-term success,” said Kittawat Ritteerawee, managing director of Amway (Thailand) Limited.
“Amway is making the biggest-ever investment in its history this year by launching CORE PLUS+ incentives programme, which will introduce a newly-restructured performance bonus plan across all levels of ABOs. It comes with three highlights: 
“1) Easy Start – making it easier and faster for new ABOs to establish themselves in Amway Business; 
“2) Extra Earn – enabling ABOs to make more bonus and progress to higher levels in shorter times; and 
“3) Sustainable Growth – allowing ABO Leaders to enjoy a consistent source of income, lasting business and sustainable success. 
“The launch will be supported by business knowledge and skills development programmes as well as year-round marketing campaigns. Thailand will be among the first markets to implement Amway CORE PLUS+ on September 1,” Kittawat revealed.
“Other than working to drive future growth in an increasingly digitised marketplace, Amway has invested in multiple digital platforms to bring new, enriched experiences to ABOs and their customers,” he added. “With our full-fledged e-commerce capabilities and new enterprise digital platforms, ABOs can manage their businesses more easily and take advantage of social selling by connecting products to provide seamless, personalized digital experiences to their customers.
“This investment will help Amway keep its place as a leader in a digitally disrupted world thanks to Amway’s nature as a high-tech, high-touch business. By combining cutting-edge digital tools with professional ABOs, Amway will be able to deliver the most well-rounded product and service offerings. As for Amway Thailand, we are confident the company will achieve a new breakthrough with sales reaching Bt30 billion by 2025.”