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FRIDAY, September 30, 2022
Asia-Pacific accounts for 46% of Amway sales

Asia-Pacific accounts for 46% of Amway sales

WEDNESDAY, March 22, 2017
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The Asia-Pacific region now accounts for up to 46 per cent of Amway’s total sales, the direct-sales company says. 

Amway says its business is increasingly relevant these days in the face of expanding entrepreneurial dreams. It says the AmwayNEXT strategy promises to drive even further successes for the company. 
Through its solid partnerships, growing investments, and innovations that offer both opportunities and impressive experiences for consumers, Amway Thailand says it has great potential.
“Amway is the No 1 network-marketing business in not just Thailand but also the world,” said Dough DeVos, Amway president. 
“Amway businesses are real solid with very firm foundation for long-term growth. At present, Asia-Pacific has been the biggest base for Amway, accounting for 46 per cent of its total sales. 
“According to the 2016 Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report, up to 77 per cent of respondents have had a positive attitude toward running their own businesses. Their dream of becoming entrepreneurs resonates well with Amway’s business concept. 
“Amway is truly the answer for people who want to work independently in a job that can fulfil their needs. [This] fact is a major factor to spur Amway’s significant and further growth in the future.
“[The] AmwayNEXT strategy focuses on creating good product and service experiences that suit individual needs, and also on empowering Amway business owners [direct salespeople]. We seek to ensure the success of Amway business owners because they are our business partners. They are the key to strengthening Amway and building a bright future for the brand.” 
On Amway businesses in Thailand, DeVos said: “Amway Thailand has already proved its huge potential. During the past year, its sales grew by 6 per cent. Its investments have created both business opportunities and good customer experiences. 
“Its innovations are impressive, making it easier for Amway business owners to work at greater convenience and with higher efficiency. Amway Thailand has also demonstrated solid and successful partnerships with Amway business owners. So we are confident that Amway businesses in Thailand do have ample opportunities. 
“Thailand is an interesting country. It can become one of Amway’s biggest markets.”