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The Nation forges closer links with top Web board Thaivisa

THAIVISA.COM, the largest English-language Web board and resource for digital platforms for expatriates and foreign visitors, will work more closely with The Nation on content integration, advertising and services.

The first initiative will be the integration of Thai news and content from The Nation on the pages of to serve readers wanting more Thai content and marketers wanting to reach this group of customers.
Combined, Thaivisa and The Nation will serve the largest expat groups spread throughout all regions of Thailand.
The importance of the Internet in the global and local media landscape has never been stronger, and consumers are increasingly turning to digital media as their primary sources for information. 
Thaivisa is the leading online site for foreigners on all things Thailand, especially news, “so this move is an important and significant step in terms of Thaivisa’s position in the market”, said Alex Scalia, chairman of
Pana Janviroj, president of The Nation, said the collaboration with Thaivisa’s web-board members and website visitors would enhance their knowledge of Thailand through news and services from Nation Multimedia Group, as well as to strengthen the communication platforms in the digital era.
“It’s part of our broader strategy as we roll out different digital products,” he said.
Nation Group is one of Thailand’s largest media companies. It operates two free-to-air television stations, three national newspapers, a university, a book and cartoon unit, printing and logistics facilities and new-media and digital platforms. 
The newspapers are an English-language daily and two Thai-language publications, one focusing on business and one for mass circulation.
Thaivisa has long been recognised as an aggregator of news from across Thailand, but more recently, the site has developed its own content and channel diversification into categories such as technology and property. 

Published : March 15, 2017