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‘Insuretech’ start-up pioneers platform for auto-coverage

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ROOJAI.COM has become one of the country’s first “insuretech” start-ups, providing an online auto-insurance platform.

Kanthapat Nutapotipun, chief marketing officer of, said it offered a new option for vehicle owners to buy coverage at a competitive price any time and anywhere.
“You buy the insurance policies on your mobile phone or desktop computer.
“ We offer full coverage by Krung Thai Panich Insurance Co, a unit of Krungthai Bank. You can do it yourself online in terms of choosing a tailor-made policy to suit your needs.
“As an insurance tech start-up, our system takes just a few seconds to calculate the insurance premiums based on your inputs so that you can compare our prices with others’ in the market.
“For example, you may choose to buy Type 1 coverage with an option to repair your vehicle at the car companies’ in-house garages when there is an accident or you may just for repair at authorised garages [which is cheaper].
“Instead of having to deal with salespersons on the phone, you can take time to make your choice on insurance coverage any time around the clock whenever it’s convenient for you.
“Our price is competitive and you get the coverage immediately after buying the policy online. You can also pay the premiums in 10 instalments with no interest charge using credit cards.
“When you have an accident, just go to the Roojai mobile app to get speedy service, as the platform can monitor your location via GPS [Global Positioning System]. You can also track the location of our claims personnel in real time as they head towards your location.
“Usually, it takes about 30 minutes for one of our representatives to get to a road-accident site in Bangkok and other urban areas of the provinces.
“As an insuretech, we aim to use technology to serve customers better from start to end. Every part of our service will have customer feedback, from buying the insurance policies to waiting for our claims personnel to get to the accident site and afterwards.
“Previously, vehicle owners had fewer choices on buying insurance policies. Usually, they’re tied to one insurance broker year after year. Now, our solution gives customers more choice in terms of premium comparison and other features.
“Using our platform, we know the car makes, drivers’ ages and other personal data, which are used to calculate the premiums instantly. You can also compare prices quoted by multiple insurance firms.
“Besides the claims service, we also offer emergency roadside services when customers’ vehicles break down or they have other urgent problems needing emergency assistance.
“We launched in April. In just a few months, our online sales have jumped to more than Bt25 million, opening up a new channel to market auto-insurance policies.
“As a start-up, we focus on customer feedback, as you can see on our site the various comments on the quality of service and customer satisfaction.
“Most feedback has been positive so far, scoring 4 out of 5 in terms of customer satisfaction.
“We use digital technology to gauge customer feedback right after they buy the policies, after they get the claims service and so forth.
As a result, we have a relatively high score of 84 per cent on net promoters, meaning most customers would share their good experience in social media such as Facebook to encourage others to use our service.”

Published : October 14, 2016