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FRIDAY, September 30, 2022
Amway changing format of its shops in 30 locations

Amway changing format of its shops in 30 locations

WEDNESDAY, December 23, 2015
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AMWAY Thailand will spend Bt300 million over three years to transform its Amway Shops in 30 prime locations throughout the country into a new leisure and educational format that encourages visitors to linger longer.

“Our Amway Shops were positioned previously as a convenience-store format,” managing director Kittawat Ritteerawee said yesterday.
The revamp is part of Amway’s 10-year global strategy called AmwayNext aimed at creating an impressive branding experience and building strong bonds with customers in response to their lifestyles. 
The upcoming implementation of the Asean Economic Community will significantly benefit the economy and the direct-selling industry, Kittawat said.
“Such trade liberalisation will allow for a better flow of money and human capital within Asean, together with the rapid expansion of direct-selling firms’ networks in the region,” he said.
Today, competition in all major industries is moving towards gaining loyalty and engagement with individual customers by building positive experiences with them at any touch point. 
That includes the offering of quality products and positive shopping experiences.
“We have converted those convenience stores to the new concept called ‘My Amway Place’. 
“Under that concept, Amway Shops will take on a new look that serves as the second home of Amway business owners. 
“Members can come in and chat and create good experiences with Amway products together,” he said.
At a cost of Bt22 million, the Amway Shop on Sukhumvit Soi 54 in Bangkok was given the My Amway Place treatment and was opened yesterday.
The shopping zone, which was traditionally occupied by display shelves, has given way to product education and demonstrations as well as business-opportunity presentations in favour of brand and product experiences plus convenient services. 
There is an Amway Cafe for |visitors to take it easy longer, and a one-stop payment centre to offer the convenience of a single service point for both order placement and collection. 
Amway Thailand operates 83 Amway Shops around the country. The company has about 330,000 Amway business owners (direct sellers) and 800,000 members. It posted Bt16.2 billion in sales last year.