Chitpas to drop her "Bhirombhakdi" family name

Chitpas Bhirombhakdi's father announced Monday that she would change her family name in order to pursue her political career.

Jutinan, who runs Boon Rawd Trading - a business unit under Boon Rawd Brewery, wrote a statement to the media today.

"As her father, I have discussed with her on her political views but our opinions differ. Chitpas still wants to pursue her political career. My wife and I as well as Chitpas discussed this option some time ago and agreed that (she) would change her family name," Jutinan said.

Last week, the family’s patriarch, Santi, wrote Jutinan a letter, complaining about Chitpas’ poltical activities which could send negative impacts on the family and the family business.

Chitpas is known as the "Singha heiress". Boon Rawd Brewery is one of the richest in Thailand, as the maker of Singha beer.

Jutinan also apologised for Chitpas’ comment to foreign media that many Thais lack a "true understanding of democracy . . . especially in the rural areas."

"This upset a lot of people and I undertand that all Thais have equal rights and freedom and we should respect others’ opinions. Her saying is thus inappropriate. As her father, I hereby express my deep regrets and apology."

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