Crisp and tasty Chinese fried dough shaped into flowers

Food And Lifestyle Jun 08,2017 14:14

A couple in Trang, Thailand who sell fried Chinese dough are selling it for twice the normal price after moulding these treats, which are usually oblong or shaped like a dog bone, into flowers.
Also known as youtiao or Chinese doughnuts, these fried treats are common in Thailand.
Customers who want something slightly different from the usual brown goodies can choose those which have charcoal added into the flour.
The couple still makes and sell their fried oblong-shaped doughs for Bt2 (US$0.06) apiece while those shaped into flowers cost Bt5 (US$0.15).
The flower shape doughs are stuffed with various fillings such as kaya (coconut spread) or curds made from sweetened beans and green tea.
Chinese fried dough is often served with coffee, tea or sweetened condensed milk during breakfast throughout the kingdom, especially in areas inhabited by Chinese descendants.

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