Tibet to get a theme park

Thailand July 11, 2012 00:00

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In a move to draw more tourists to Tibet, China has started work on US$4.8-billion tourism project in Lhasa city.


A theme park, commercial district and residential area are scheduled to be completed two kilometres away from downtown Lhasa in three to five years. The project would create a “living museum” for Tibetan culture, notes Lhasa’s vice mayor, while relieving pressure on tourist attractions in Lhasa’s old city. – AFP
Mission control, we have blast off
In Florida, visitors to the Kennedy Space Centre can take a tour inside Firing Room 4, one of the Launch Control Centre’s four firing rooms and the one from which all 21 shuttles were launched since 2006. Part of a special “access tour”, marking the 50th anniversary of the Space Centre, visitors will see the  banks of screens and the main countdown clock, as well as the “bubble room” from which the management team looked down on proceedings. The tour will run throughout this year, and costs $25 in addition to $45 for entry to the main visitor centre. Visit www.KennedySpaceCenter.com.
London on the water
Tourists visiting London during the Olympics can expect delays and congestion on trains and buses. The Big Smoke expects millions of visitors this summer. An alternative way for travelling around London are the canal boats on the River Lea. Twelve boats will operate a scheduled service from Limehouse Marina and Tottenham Hale Lock to the Olympic Park. Many more boats are set to operate as private taxis. However, as tickets are quite expensive at 90 Pounds (Bt4,500) for a day pass, the boat service is really only useful to corporate types, who can write it off as a company expense. Visit www.Water-Chariots.co.uk.
Making Harrods global
Malaysia could be home to the world’s first Harrods Hotel if the deal goes through. The million-dollar hotel ($635 million to be exact), under a proposed collaboration between Qatar Holding LLC and Jerantas Sdn Bhd, will probably be on a 5.48-acre plot between Jalan Raja Chulan and Jalan Conlay in Kuala Lumpur. Billed as seven-star hotel, the hotel would be the first in the three Harrods hotels to be built. The other two on the drawing board are planned for London and Italy. – The Star/ANN
Mayhem in the skies 
Travelling in China? Then you may want to think twice about doing anything likely to upset your fellow air passengers. Take the case of Xu, an 18-year-old flying Lucky Air from Kunming to Shenyang, who objected when Liu, the lady in front of him, reclined her seat. An argument ensued with the teenager kicking Liu’s chair in anger, prompting Liu to slap him in the face. Xu’s mother and family became involved and the captain decided to make an emergency landing at Wuhan Tianhe International Airport in Hubei. The police ejected five women from the plane and fined Xu (Bt5,000) – China Daily