Sulamani Temple: History repeats itself

Thailand August 28, 2016 19:47

By Phoowadon Duangmee


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A 6.8-magnitude earthquake in Central Myanmar has damaged many stupas and temples in the plain of Bagan

Built in 1181 by King Narapatisithu of Bagan, Sulamani means a small ruby.
The temple pretty much survived the 1975 earthquake, except for the gilded top that crashed to the ground. The restoration was completed later with new spire and gilded umbrella.
Unfortunately, the earthquake on August 24 repeated Sulamani Temple’s story, crumbling and leaving the spire on the dusty ground again.
Sulamani Temple is one of the most-visited historical sites in old Bagan. It is home to magnificent frescoes, some of them perhaps influenced by Siamese art.
At the gallery in the Northern corridor there is a beautiful piece of fresco telling a praying scene. Villagers – both men and women – are seated together and leaning into the Lord Buddha. Some Myanmar academic and tour guide suggest that this painting might get influenced by Siamese art.
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