iPad 'POEMS' to monitor portfolios

Tech August 07, 2012 00:00

By Asina Pornwasin
The Nation

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Phillip Securities (Thailand) has launched its online electronics mart system (POEMS) for iPad to help its customers manage their portfolio, monitor, and trade their stocks in real-time.

Suthathorn Sutthison, assistant vice president for corporate marketing and communications at Phillip Securities (Thailand), said that after the company launched POEMS for iPhone in October last year, it got a lot of good feedback and then the company developed and launched POEMS for Android smart phones in April this year. POEMS for iPad with make it easy for customers with tablets to keep monitoring their portfolio and easily manage, monitor, and trade stock in real-time. 

He said the company has 30,000 customers, of which about 8,000 are trading online. When it launched POEMS for iPhone, about 4,000 customers switched to using the facility. When it launched POEMS for Android smart phones, about 800 to 900 customers have downloaded the app. 
“The beauty of POMES for mobile devices is to allow customers not to need to stay online at their PC or laptops; they can continue to trade all the time, wherever they are,” said Suthathorn.
The company sees an improvement in the volume of trading vie the mobile device. He said  iPhone users are likely to do more trading than Android users, while the rapidly increasing number of iPad in Thailand encouraged the company to develop POEMS for iPad. 
“All our moves to offer real-time trading on mobile devices, is to facilitate and to encourage more trading transactions and boost trading volumes. 
Phillip Securities (Thailand) currently offers full stock brokerage service, and in December 1999 launched POEMS with Phillip's Tele-broker to become the first stock broker in Thailand to offer Internet and mobile stock trading to Thai investors. In line with the overall strategy of the group, Phillip Securities (Thailand) will continue to introduce and expand its products and services to compliment and assist in the growth of the market in Thailand, he said.