Watsons turns to digital marketing in 'Bank of Beauty' Promotion

Tech September 21, 2012 00:00

By The Nation

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Watsons has launched its first digital campaign partnership with iButterfly to launch the 'Watsons Bank of Beauty' promotion to make shopping experience more thrilling.


To participate, consumers have to catch Watsons’ Wink butterflies on iButterfly Thailand App and use them as cash worth 20, 10, and 5 baht, at any Watsons stores. 
Nuanphan Jayanama, Marketing Director of Central Watsons Co.,Ltd. said “Watsons focuses on three key business qualities; Innovative, Trendy, and Exclusive. Watsons was the first health and beauty store to use digital marketing in 2009, and now we aim to offer an enhanced shopping experience to attract a new group of customers, while making our promotions more interesting and thrilling. In previous Bank of Beauty promotions, we held exciting events such as scattering money coupons through the windows of buildings in public areas, which received a great response from our customers. This year is the first time for Watsons to use the iButterfly application as a tool for the Bank of Beauty promotion, which will also help to spread Wink coupons to our customers nationwide. We are confident that this digital campaign will receive great feedback from our customers in the digital age.”
To enjoy the ‘Watsons Bank of Beauty’ promotion, consumers simply have to catch Watsons’ Wink butterflies on iButterfly and use them as cash worth 20, 10, and 5 baht, at any Watsons store. To participate, download the iButterfly application, which supports iOS and Android operating systems. The promotion also offers consumers the chance to get a free ‘Wink’ coupon worth 20, 10, and 5 baht when purchasing selected items that feature a wink sticker, which can then be used as cash at Watsons. As a special privilege, Watsons members can receive double-value coupons. 
The promotion is available at Watsons stores nationwide from now until October 17.