Viber attracts over 5 million users in Myanmar

Tech August 05, 2014 17:58

By The Nation

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Viber, a leading mobile communications platform offering free messaging and HD-quality phone calls, has reached5 million registered users in Myanmar, it announced.

In its first press conference in Myanmar, Viber CEO Talmon Marco said the company was thrilled to see Myanmar mobile users join the Viber family.
 “Myanmar is a very important market to us,”, Marco said.
“The growth rate is exceptional and we are thrilled that Myanmar mobile users have joined the Viber family. We are very happy to be in Myanmar today to share this milestonewithmembers of the media”.
Viber’s leadership and popularity in Myanmar is also confirmed by independent research and a recent social media survey.
According to OnDevice’s research published in June, Viber is the number one chat application in Myanmar with 79 per cent of Myanmar users actively engaging with the messaging and voice application. This data shows Viber overtaking Facebook and other mobile messaging competitors in the country.
A recent online survey conducted by Telenor in April 2014 on Facebook also revealed that almost two thirds of users chose Viber as their favorite messaging app, making it by far the most popular chat application in Myanmar.
Following these developments, Viber hopes to increase its presence in Myanmar. Viber is working on localization plans and is in discussions with local brands to deliver quality content partnerships. 
“We believe the key to capturing the hearts and minds of Viber users in any particular market is by offering unique localized content that reflects the values and culture of its people,” said Michael Shmilov, Viber’s Head of Product.
”We are committed to delivering a great experience for Myanmar users and we’re looking forward to providing content that resonates locally”.