Trend Micro strengthens security for businesses with Virtual Patching solution

Tech March 27, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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Trend Micro (Thailand) Co Ltd has introduced Virtual Patching solution to strengthen security for businesses when the support of Windows XP will be ending soon.

The solution prevents all risks and eliminates vulnerabilities, Trend Micro announced in a press statement.
This solution will provide end-to-end protection from the largest section like data center infrastructure to desktop PCs, and thus allowing businesses to delay their investment for OS upgrades.
According to StatCounter, about one-fourth or 27 per cent of computers in Thailand are running Windows XP; most of them are used by businesses and government sectors. The number of Window XP users has decreased by only 2.02 per cent (October 2013) after Microsoft announced the end of support for Windows XP. This figure indicates that most businesses are still reluctant to upgrade their OS (StatCounter, January 2014).
Therefore, Trend Micro is offering Virtual Patching for those organisations that are not yet ready to replace or upgrade their OS. Virtual Patching solution can prevent and manage vulnerabilities from data centers to desktop PCs. This will also help to save costs and avoid problems running in OS patching, cycle and frequency of patching or cost occurred from system downtime, the firm said.
The solution includes the following components:
- Deep Security eliminates vulnerabilities in data centers with virtual patch management that helps for zero-day attacks. Being impelled by Trend Micro Smart Protection Network, which provides cloud-based data checkups, this tool helps prevent threats before they get into systems. It combines intrusion detection and prevention, firewall, integrity monitoring, log inspection and agentless anti-malware and business continuity. It also supports major regulations and standards such as PCI, FISMA and HIPAA. Moreover,Deep Securitycan instantly protect VMWARE ESX Serversand Citrix Virtualization Desktops from any threat on the networked world with the latest technology for firewall/IPS/antivirus andvirtual patch optimized for virtualization.
- OfficeScan Intrusion Defense Firewall addresses vulnerabilities in both physical and virtual endpoints with firewall-based intrusion prevention and centralized management for all endpoint platforms. It also incorporates HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention System) that shields vulnerabilities and protect new threats by diagnosing from behavior analysis and self-learning capabilities.
William Tan, Country Manager for Thailand and Indochina, Trend Micro (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said the end of support for Windows XP is not a threatening issue if organisations get prepared in terms of security.
“Virtual Patchingsolution will enable customers to continuously run their Windows XP computers until they have enough budgets for OS upgrades without worrying about new vulnerabilities. In addition, this solution covers all major security regulations and compliance, and more significantly, it helps massively reduce costs for patch management,” Tan said.
Trend Micro is offering up to 50 per cent discount until June 30, 2014 for customers who migrate from current solution of any brand to Trend Micro Enterprise Security for Endpoint - Advanced Editions.